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Your one stop spot for overcoming pain & becoming a stronger human

Step Up - Physiotherapy & Gym

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Welcome to Step Up Physiotherapy


At our practice, we take a distinctive approach to rehabilitation and performance management. 


Here we use our profound understanding of the human body to provide a tailored, simple and highly effective treatment plan that puts you in control.


With years of experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, we've learned that complicated treatments aren't always the answer. In many cases, a straightforward and consistent strategy is what's truly needed.


Our thorough assessment process helps identify potential factors contributing to your symptoms and allows us to create a personalized plan for managing and resolving the issue. Your journey to better health starts here.

Gym Membership

Welcome to Step Up Strength Gym - Your Path to Unleash Your Potential


At Step Up Strength, we redefine the gym experience. We prioritize your comfort, confidence, and success by breaking down the barriers that can hinder your training journey. With a focus on personal attention and a supportive atmosphere, we're more than just a gym; we're your fitness sanctuary.


What Sets Us Apart:


Exclusive Training Slots: We believe in quality over quantity. That's why we limit our gym to just three members at a time during each one-hour training slot. This ensures you have the space, equipment, and personal attention you need to maximize your workout.


Hassle-Free Booking: Say goodbye to overcrowded spaces and long wait times. Our one-hour training slots can be conveniently booked online in advance, so you know you have your dedicated time to train. No more uncertainty, just seamless workouts.


Premium Equipment Selection: We take your progress seriously. Our gym is equipped with high-quality machines, resistance equipment, free weights, specialty bars, strongman gear, and functional equipment. Whatever your fitness goals, we have the tools to help you succeed.


Central Location: We're proud to be located in the heart of Crawley, making it easy for you to fit your workouts into your daily routine.


Judgement-Free Zone: We understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your training environment. At Step Up Strength, you'll never feel conscious or judged. Our gym is a place where you can focus on your goals and make progress without any distractions.


Unleash your potential and transform your fitness journey with Step Up Strength. Join us today, and experience a gym like no other. Your path to a stronger, healthier you starts here.


Online Coaching

Are you frustrated that pain is limiting your ability to do the things you enjoy?

Struggling to make any progress within your training journey?

Worried that you will make the issue worse and cause more "damage"

Are you tired of seeing someone to help relieve the symptoms for it to only last a short duration, thus creating a dependency between you and that professional?

Let us help you overcome your barriers, and bridge that gap towards improving your quality of life.

All you need to do is:

Book an intial consultation

Where we can identify the root cause of the issue

And then formulate a plan for you to execute

Book now to start moving pain free & get closer towards becoming a stronger human

I spent more than ten years trying to stretch and mobilise my tightness and nagging pains away, visiting countless specialists in that time, all with no success. After a year on Maz’s (highly personalised) strength and mobility programme not only were those issues gone but my posture, movement, mobility and lifting technique all improved considerably.

Whether you’re looking for a physio, strength coach or PT, I highly recommend Maz. He knows exactly what’s needed to get you feeling and moving better, and his strength programme will get you stronger at not just the normal gym lifts but also movements you wouldn't have previously thought possible.

Matt Z

Maz really saved me when I had severe neck spasm. Very professional and dedicated from diagnosing, treatment, exercise and even checking up on the progress. It makes a difference when you exercise under supervision of a professional and avoid injuries and long term problems from exercising in a wrong way, when you just wanted to stay fit. I am looking forward to my strenght and mobility journey with Step up Physiotherapy.

Dragana V

About Us

We are extremely passionate about helping you to manage your pain & limitations, like we have done with 1000s of other individuals, in finding that confidence, strength and knowledge to continue moving forward...towards moving pain free and becoming a stronger human


Unit 4, Spindle Court

Spindle Way


West Sussex, RH10 1AX

Tel: 07714 462439

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