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Our philosophy is simple…


We provide sustainable results, by guiding you to maintain and build strength & flexibility while mitigating injuries - OVERALL leading you to take ownership of your symptom(s) and giving you the skills needed to manage and overcome them.

It is the approach you need in order to see lifelong health longevity & improvement within your movement capacity.

We have two sub sectors, Step Up Strength & Step Up Physiotherapy, each complimenting the other

Step Up Physiotherapy

We have an unconventional approach when it comes to rehabilitation and performance management. We truly understand and appreciate the complexity of the human body, hence why our methods are very simple yet effective. We do not offer quick fixes yet offer solutions encompassing education, issue specific & global active modalities, clear outlined pathway putting you as the individual in charge.​

Over years of exposure and experience treating various musculoskeletal conditions, we know that over complicated treatment methods are usually not the solution. Most of the time a simple and basic but consistent strategy is what’s required.


Through our thorough assessment process we can help you to identify possible factors that might contribute towards your symptoms and help put a plan in place to manage and resolve the issue.


Step Up Strength

We are a privately run personal training gym, which like our counterpart division, provide a very unique and unconventional approach to training. Our core principles revolve around the foundations of human movement, where we apply the relevant approaches needed to help capture and further reinforce the pillars of strength, mobility, flexibility and stability.

Having worked with many individuals with vast array of goals, we know that generic templates are not the answer. Hence why our approach is specialised and targeted to each individual and is something that is provided for our members on initial sign up.


Our focus is to provide our members with education and reasoning for the prescribed programs. We ensure the basics are met first, upon which the layers can then further be developed.

Here’s how it works:


Get in touch via the contact form below with your details where we can get in touch to discuss the options available.

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Step Up Strength Membership

Do you struggle to stay motivated with your exercise programs, or the exercise rehabilitation plans?

Are you constantly looking and changing exercise programs and not sure where you need to start within your health & fitness journey?

When practising exercises, do you wonder if your technique is optimal for your goals?

Well, the Step Up Strength Membership platform is designed to help address the above points plus many others...

It is an online platform, focused on developing a community where individuals are on a similar journey of achieving health & longevity.

Within this platform, you have access to:

  • Training Programs - choose from 'Barbell Basics', 'Master the Basics', 'Flexi-Steel' and 'Squat Plan V.1'

  • Rehab Protocols - these are little additions to compliment your main program, that can be practised 1-3 x per week to help address limitations

  • Community - be able to communicate with other individuals within the membership, to help each other be accountable and share progres

  • 1-1 Coach Support - direct access for coaching support, technique analysis, and any training related issues

  • SUS Exercise Library - to help you achieve and optimise strength goals

Training with Maz is more than just a physio offering you short term pain relief or a personal trainer that will just push you and count your reps, it's much more than that! Maz will provide you with the knowledge and foundational tools to manage any future injuries and the optimum support to reach your training goals, whether that be to build muscle and strength or anything else! Plus he has the best equipment you'll find compared to any high street gyms! Have been training with Maz for a couple of years after initially contacting him with an achilles injury. Then began strength training with him and I'm now stronger than ever - but more importantly on the path towards further progression thanks to the guidance and training programme put together by Maz.

Gurinder, J

I cannot recommend Maz highly enough. I’ve been working with him for about a year, his knowledge is incredible, I worked with a lot of physio’s, osteopaths & chiropractors in the past & if I had met this guy sooner I would not have gone through what I have. He actually wants you to get better, improve & push yourself to reach you’re goals. Definitely worth getting in touch with him if you’re in pain/injured or just want to improve yourself.....

Neill, H

I saw Maz for a couple of different complaints. Each time he has worked methodically through them with assessments and exercises to determine the relevant contributing factors to my symptoms. Each time I leave feeling a sense of relief and reassurance. I have a plan and exercise videos alongside my programme. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Alex, W

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