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We help you to move pain free and become a stronger human

Step Up - Physiotherapy & Personal Training

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Are you frustrated that pain is limiting your ability to do the things you enjoy?

Going out for walks have become limited due to the fear of aggravating your symptoms

Playing with your kids has become more effortful, and feel you have to say no because the thought of getting on and off the floor will set you back for days

Are you tired of seeing someone to help relieve the symptoms for it to only last a short duration, thus creating a dependency between you and that professional?

Let us help you overcome your barriers, and bridge that gap towards improving your quality of life.

All you need to do is:

Book a FREE 10 minute call

Where we can identify the service required

And then formulate a plan for you to execute

Book now to start moving pain free & get closer towards becoming a stronger human

I spent more than ten years trying to stretch and mobilise my tightness and nagging pains away, visiting countless specialists in that time, all with no success. After a year on Maz’s (highly personalised) strength and mobility programme not only were those issues gone but my posture, movement, mobility and lifting technique all improved considerably.

Whether you’re looking for a physio, strength coach or PT, I highly recommend Maz. He knows exactly what’s needed to get you feeling and moving better, and his strength programme will get you stronger at not just the normal gym lifts but also movements you wouldn't have previously thought possible.

Matt Z

Maz really saved me when I had severe neck spasm. Very professional and dedicated from diagnosing, treatment, exercise and even checking up on the progress. It makes a difference when you exercise under supervision of a professional and avoid injuries and long term problems from exercising in a wrong way, when you just wanted to stay fit. I am looking forward to my strenght and mobility journey with Step up Physiotherapy.

Dragana V

About Us

We are extremely passionate about helping you to manage your pain & limitations, like we have done with 1000s of other individuals, in finding that confidence, strength and knowledge to continue moving forward...towards moving pain free and becoming a stronger human


Unit 4, Spindle Court

Spindle Way


West Sussex, RH10 1AX

Tel: 07714 462439

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